Epson T2421 Black

Epson T2421 Black


  • Expression Photo XP-55
  • Expression Photo XP-750
  • Expression Photo XP-760
  • Expression Photo XP-850
  • Expression Photo XP-860
  • Expression Photo XP-950
  • Expression Photo XP-960


1.Shake cartridge 3 times and remove

yellow tape (if applicable).

2.Remove coloured cap and install


3.When you install a cartridge a

message may appear advising

you that the cartridge is a

non-genuine ink cartridge.

4.This cartridge is not empty and

has been refilled.

5.Follow on-screen instructions

to continue.

6.The ink status monitor will

show that the cartridge is full.

7.Following installation peform a Head

Cleaning operation using the status

monitor or printer display (as per

your printers instructions).

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