HP 351 CB337 Colour


  • DeskJet D4260
  • OfficeJet J5780
  • OfficeJet J5785
  • OfficeJet J5790
  • OfficeJet J6410
  • OfficeJet J6415
  • OfficeJet J6450
  • OfficeJet J6480
  • PhotoSmart C4272
  • PhotoSmart C4280
  • PhotoSmart C4380
  • PhotoSmart C4480
  • PhotoSmart C5280
  • PhotoSmart D5360
  • DeskJet D4360
  • OfficeJet J5730
  • OfficeJet J6424
  • PhotoSmart C4270
  • PhotoSmart C4340
  • PhotoSmart C4424
  • PhotoSmart C4472
  • PhotoSmart C4485
  • PhotoSmart C4524
  • PhotoSmart C4580
  • PhotoSmart C4599

Troubleshooting - Click each question for details

1.Remove the clip before installing the


2.When you install this cartridge

a message may appear on your

status monitor advising you

that the cartridge is counterfiet,

used, or is empty. The cartridge

is not empty; it has been


3.Ignore this message and press

OK to continue.

4.Following installation perform a

cleaning cycle using your printer

toolbox, set up, clean or

maintenance window.

5.The cartridge will work

correctly without the use of a

status monitor.

6.Replace the cartridge when the

print quality deteriorates.


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