HP 364/CB317EE Photo Black


  • PhotoSmart B8550 Photo
  • PhotoSmart D5460
  • PhotoSmart D5463
  • PhotoSmart D5468
  • PhotoSmart C6300 series
  • PhotoSmart e-Station C510a
  • PhotoSmart e-AIO C310a
  • PhotoSmart Premium AIO C309 series
  • PhotoSmart Premium AIO e-C410b
  • PhotoSmart AIO C5300

Troubleshooting - Click each question for details

The cartridge is remanufactured and is not counterfeit. Upon installation the printer has detected the cartridge has been previously used by reading the data stored on the microchip located underneath the cartridge. This remanufactured cartridge has gone through rigorous inspection, cleaning and refilling processes to produce a quality alternative branded product.
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1.Remove the transport clips before

installing the cartridge.

2.When you install this cartridge

a message may appear on your

status monitor advising you

that the cartridge is counterfiet,

used, or is empty.

3.This cartridge is not empty and

has been refilled, ignore this


4.Following installation perform a

cleaning cycle using your printer

toolbox, set up, clean or

maintenance window.

5.The cartridge will work

correctly without the use of a

status monitor.

6.Replace the cartridge when the

print quality deteriorates.

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