Samsung SCX-4216D3


  • SCX-4016
  • SCX-4116
  • SCX-4216F
  • SF-560
  • SCX-565P
  • SF-750
  • SCX-755P

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Your cartridge contains very fine powder called ‘toner’. Prior to installation gently rock the cartridge from side to side 2 to 3 times to allow the powder to move into position before printing. You will not need to repeat this process once the cartridge is installed as most cartridges contain a mechanical paddle which agitates the powder during the printing process.
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In the unlikely event toner powder is deposited onto a work surface, wipe away with a damp disposable tissue. Always unplug the printer from the power supply before cleaning your printer.

To remove toner from your hands use cold water with mild household soap. Do not use warm or hot water as this will fuse the toner to your skin.

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Some cartridges do not require the fitment of a seal. We have remanufactured this product so it does not require a seal.
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To avoid patent infringements the design of the memory chip may differ from the original product. Some laser toner cartridges when installed will not display the memory status bar of your printer display. This does not affect the performance of the cartridge and you may continue to print.
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Many cartridges are fitted with a waste tank which is designed to collect any paper dust and toner powder from cleaning cycles. This waste tank can be disturbed when removing the cartridge from the printer.
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Prior to remanufacturing the cartridge, each product is tested to ensure the ‘drum’ usually a dull blue /green, is in a good condition. OEM drums are very versatile and can be in some cases repeatedly used.

If the original drum has been damaged during the collection and recovery process, a new drum will be fitted which will usually be shiny light green (see below).

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Some laser toner cartridges are fitted with a memory chip which prevents the cartridge working once the chip has reached the end of its pre-set counter. This chip cannot be reset.

Please note that some chips are radio frequency devices and are fitted to the interior of the cartridge and cannot be visually detected.

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